I’m Brian Rounds. I’m a life-long South Dakotan with a background in electrical engineering. I live in Pierre, SD, with my beautiful wife and three wonderful kids (been practicing that line for Wheel of Fortune). I like to tinker and figure things out on my own, which usually means by googling it. I’ve solved enough problems with the internet’s help that I should probably start publishing the things that I’ve had to work out so others can take advantage as I have.


How to Support This Site

I’m hoping to cover hosting costs by using the Amazon Affiliate program. Basically, if you click on Amazon referral links on this site and make a purchase, I might get a cut of that purchase. Thus, you will see the standard Amazon disclaimer placed across the site. I’m a big fan of the wirecutter’s philosophy on recommending and referring products with full disclosure, so that’s the model I’m going to try to follow within any posts that contain links.

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How to Contact Me

You can find me on the interwebs at @iambeeper or shoot me an email at brian@thatthingidid.com.